Udderly Lean and Udderly Original

At Udderly we like to doing things differently to the big boys.

We grew up drinking raw milk and eating beautiful homemade raw milk cheese so all our products are as minimally processed, (as close to raw) as possible.

Our customers kept asking for a light milk or a no fat milk. Whilst we said that we wouldn’t do a no fat milk, (we believe that the human body needs fat for a healthy diet) we were interested in making a minimally processed lower fat milk.

We knew that cows naturally make creamier milk in the afternoon than the morning, (due to concentration and rest patterns) so we decided to capitalise on this and offer you one range of milk from the morning milking, (Udderly Lean) and one range from the afternoon milking, (Udderly Original). Udderly Lean is approximately 25% less fat than Udderly Original.