How it all began – The Story of Udderly Tasmanian

“From small things, big things grow”.

All it took was a conversation with the owner of one of Hobart’s leading grocery stores in mid 2014. “You guys are good farmers”, he said “your milk tastes great, but why aren’t you selling it yourselves?”

After a lot of head scratching, loads of number crunching, mountains of phone calls and quite a lot of investment we started Udderly in early 2015. We realised that milk was the most undervalued commodity of them all.

Since those first few months getting our feet on the ground, we’ve seen five fold growth in sales. We’ve added our cheese range, we’ve introduced Udderly Lean, we’ve added cafes to our client range and still tried to remain true to the following dogma:

  • Tasmanian produced and owned
  • Minimally processed
  • Animal friendly
  • Fully traceable to our farm